Heat Moulding of ski and Snowboard boot liners


Heat Moulding of ski and Snowboard boot liners


Heat Moulding of ski and Snowboard boot liners, first off let us say that we welcome you to our shop and we are quite happy to do fitting work on your boots regardless of where they were purchased.

Heat moulding of ski or snowboard boot liners or ski boot shells, can ensure you get a much better, more comfortable, and higher performance level out of your boots.

We are fully trained and experienced in moulding the new Atomic Mimic liners.

If purchasing this service online please then email or phone us to book a suitable time for us to do the work.

Paul was awarded the Australian snow sports best boot fitter award the only year that it was voted on by the public, by people who actually got boots fitted.

Pauls ski shop is a very much sought after destination for boot fitting services, as such an appointment is usually required for any boot work if it is time consuming.

Heat molding  is a free service if the boots were purchased at Pauls ski shop.

Heat moulding of your ski boot shells varies in price depending on the make and type of boot, it is free if purchased at Pauls ski shop and is part of the normal fitting process.

For Snowboard boots heating the liner can make a boot fit much better, normally a new snowboard boot that is the right size will feel about a half size too small, heat moulding it gets it just right ready to ride with.

For older style ski boots, we can manually press out any hot spots in the shell of a plastic ski boot.

Heat Moulding of ski and Snowboard boots


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