Zipfit Freeride / Grand prix ski boot liners

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Zipfit Grand prix ski boot liners


Zipfit Freeride / Grand prix  ski boot liners with Neoprene

Zipfit Grand prix ski boot liners also known as Svenfit liners

Zipfit Grand prix ski boot liners, in my opinion the best liner on the market.

This liner will conform to the shape of the shell and foot over and over for the life of many sets of boot shells.

A cork based filling is heat mouldable and can be moulded every day for around 450 days of use.

When the shell wears out just put the same liner into a new shell and reheat it to mould to the new shell shape.

The liner can have more cork filling added at any time or even removed if there is too much.

The only requirement is that the shell has to be the right size and shape for the foot within reasonable limits.

The grand prix is designed for race and lower volume shells.

Providing an optimal balance of foot-to-shell contact.

You get ultimate power and accuracy, while you get some level of padding and comfort.

You’ll wring all the performance available from your high-performance boot shell.

Zipfit Grand prix ski boot liners

Zipfit inner boots are the most functionally sound, highest quality ski boot liner product on the market.

Your whole skiing experience will improve on your first day wearing Zipfit inner-boots.

They are so much more than just mass produced liners they continuously mold around your foot.

Industry Leading Technology

Zipfit stands for Zero Injection Pressure Fit.

Our inner boots feature a non-catalytic, pre-packed “flow” system of proprietary granulated cork in the tongue, ankles and heel that never hardens or packs out.

A truly unique feature is the ability to add or extract the compound from your Zipfits at any time.

Guaranteeing a proper fit for the life of your Zipfit — and steering and edge control like you’ve never experienced.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 10 cm
Boot size

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