Rental Equipment Prices

We have the latest carving shape skis, High performance demo skis, skiboards such as Salomon snowblades, new Salomon and Atomic front buckle boots, strap in bindings snowboard system.

We maintain our boards and skis every time they are used on our Crystal glide machines, so the edges are sharp and the bases hot waxed. We use a boot dryer when the boots are returned.

There is a growing trend for skiers to hire top end Demo skis that would normally cost over $1000 to buy, we have a good choice of these and they are kept in fine tune, why not try out some of the new “Early rise” tip skis and see how much better they are, we offer the rental fee back if after one day you decide to by a set of skis from our shop.

We rent clothing from child size 00 up to adult six extra large. We have good quality rental clothing and boots.

For pricing, children’s price applies to anyone using children’s equipment regardless of age, an Adult ski is size 140cm and up.

Prices for single day

Clothes and accessories Child Adult
Ski Pants or Parka $20 $22
1 piece suit (child size 00 -8) $25 n/a
Walking boots $14 $16
Toboggans (Adult size toboggans will fit 2 children or an adult and child) $10 $20
Helmets (with ski or board rental) $5 $5
Goggles $10 $10


Skis Child Adult
Latest shape carving skis, boots and poles. $42 $55
Early rise rockered tip carving skis, boots and poles. $50 $65
High performance demo skis, with or without boots and poles. n/a $90
Salomon ski boards with boots (snowblades) n/a $40


Snowboards ( We use Head Boa boots, Salomon strap in bindings) Adult or child
Board only $52
Boots only $25
Board and boots $55
Latest flat rocker Demo boards available $65


Diamond Pattern chains $28

Prices subject to change without notice & include GST.