Testimonials from satisfied customers.


I've struggled with boots for years and Paul was willing to spend as much time as it took to get it right. (Close to 2 hours.) best boots I've ever brought, skied for 6 days straight all day as well and never felt more comfortable. also brought over the years all my equipment from them including skies helmets googles poles all recommended by Paul and it's always never let me down. Service that they provided you will never get on the internet ever. I've traveled hours (I'm from SA) to go there and it's worth every litre of fuel to get there. Can't not recommend these guys enough. Can't wait to go back!


When you are skiing, no bit of gear is more important than your boots. Specifically, getting your boots properly fitted. I'd be surprised if there's a better, more patient boot fitter in Australia than Paul. Not in a major city, but so worth the trip.


Paul and Alison are always happy to help and give great customer service. I've purchased ski's, boots and all of my ski gear for myself and my daughter from Paul's and I'm very happy with it.