Volkl Yumi 84 skis


Volkl Yumi 84 skis 2023 model



Volkl Yumi 84 skis 2023 model

Volkl Yumi 84 skis  still a great ski at a good price, at 84mm under foot this ski is easy to use in all the snow conditions generally found in Australia.

I find this ski has just the right amount of camber under foot, tip rocker and flex to be one of the best all round skis for female skiers.

The ski features Volkl’s 3D Radius sidecut which means it turns on a dime whether it is face with hardpack conditions or lumpy moguls.

A glass frame and titanal binding platform supporting the multi-layer woodcore allow for extra stability and dampening at high speeds as you zip around the hill.

3 D radius explanation

  • Dimensions: 125_84_107
  • Radius:
  • 147 [R1(15), R2(11), R3(14)]*1
  • 154 [R1(18), R2(13), R3(16)]*1
  • 161 [R1(19), R2(14), R3(17)]*1
  • 168 [R1(21), R2(15), R3(19)]*1
  • 175 [R1(25), R2(17), R3(20)]*1
  • 182 [R1(25), R2(19), R3(24)]*1


  • 3D Radius Sidecut Glass Frame Titanal Binding Platform Full Sidewall Base: P-Tex 2100
  • Multi-Layer Woodcore
  • Marker rec. Royal Family
  • All Mountain

Multi Layer Woodcore, with Titanal bands
Tough Box

Volkl Yumi 84 skis

The Volkl Yumi is back, but has been updated with Volkl’s new Titanal Band construction,

New sidecut sees this ski even easier to turn with a shorter radius than the previous model.

Volkl wanted to retain the lightweight, easy-skiing feel that the Yumi has always had, but give it a touch more strength and stability with Titanal Band.

The Yumi has a 84 mm waist width, tip and tail rocker with camber under foot, and a subtle amount of early taper in the tips and tails.

The Yumi become a favourite among intermediate and less aggressive advanced and even expert skiers over the past few seasons.

We generally have these skis in our Demo range each year.

Overall the Yumi retains its strength as a great choice for intermediates or less aggressive skiers of any ability levels.

In fact, it’s so approachable we think athletic beginner skiers could even get on a pair right away and would be fine.

On the other end of the spectrum, expert skiers can enjoy its refreshingly light, quick, easy feel.


Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 170 × 22 × 22 cm
Ski length



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