Volkl Kenja 88 skis


Volkl Kenja 88 skis 2022 model



Volkl Kenja 88 skis 2022 model

Volkl Kenja 88 skis are a much improved version of the previous versions of this very popular ladies ski.

The Kenja has been Volkls best selling ladies skis for years, this new model that was released in Australia last season really improves the handling and performance of what was an already great ski.

Now with 3 radius sidecut and a waist width of 88mm under foot.

3 D radius explanation

129/88/111 profile.

Tip and tail rocker

Multi layer wood core

Titanal frame, carbon tips

Full sidewall

Base: ptex 2100

Titinal frame positions metal where you need it creating a powerful and stable ski that’s damp on edge without adding weight.

Softer and more forgiving than its predecessors, yet still has the characteristics expected of a Volkl ski.

Carbon tips helps to boost torsional stiffness in turn initiation and coupled with its rocker camber profile, the ski turns with ease.

The Kenja 88 features Volkl’s new 3D Radius sidecut technology, which allows the ski to adapt to many different skier styles and conditions.

Allowing for a long carving turn or a short radius turn without sacrificing any power, this is new technology that we think will make the Kenja 88 a popular choice!

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 170 × 15 × 15 cm
Ski length



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