Head Kore 93 skis with Attack 14 bindings 2022 model


Head Kore 93 skis and bindings 2022

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Head Kore 93 skis and Tyrolia Attack 14 bindings 2022 model

Head Kore 93 skis the ski everyone is still talking about after it won almost every award going recently as best all round ski.

A completely new rebuild of this top selling ski, also an updated binding with a higher DIN and different lengths on offer, the 177cm will be in big demand.

For the past 3 years this ski has been the best selling ski in my shop, I usually sell out of them well before winter arrives, the reason for that is they are an exceptionally good ski, that are in great demand.

It now has some colour on the top sheet making it look better, if fitted with the new yellow Tyrolia Attack 14 bindings that match the ski sidewall this ski looks great.

This ski has exceptional edge hold on ice.

Very good tip rocker that sees it float well in powder and off piste.

Lightweight so would make a great choice for Alpine touring.

A crud-cutting chamfered top edge also improves durability for each model.

Additionally, more chamfer = a more playful feel.

For an advanced skier looking for a ski that will allow them to grow their confidence, the Head Kore 93 is a very good choice.

The harder you ski it, the more you will get back.

Head Kore 93 skis  have been able to drop weight while retaining their raw power and explosiveness.
Using a new Graphene-KOROYD-Carbon sandwich construction built around a light Karuba wood core.
The KORE 93 received rave reviews at last year’s industry tests, especially among the fast and aggressive crowd.
At 93 mm underfoot, this is the perfect daily driver for most types of snow.



TNT Rocker – Tip (30%) and Tail (20%) rise with 50% camber underfoot delivers the ultimate in versatility for freeriding.


Ultra Lightweight Karuba Wood Core


Graphene – The strongest, lightest material known to man is fused into the tips and tails of the KORE series to provide instantaneous response and a thinner, lighter profile.

Topless Tech Construction – The traditional plastic top sheet is forsaken in favour of a polyester fleece top layer, dramatically reducing the ski’s weight.

Koroyd® – Thermally-welded Aramid honeycomb is light, strong and absorbs vibration well.


Split Sidewall


Structured Die-Cut UHM C Base


Speed: superfast
Terrain: Allride
Skill: Intermediate / advanced
Style: excellent skiing technique
Lengths 170,177
radius: 16,4 @ Length 177
Sidecut: 133 / 93 / 115 @ Length 177


We have reduced the gap between sizes by 22%,
allowing skiers to hone in their desired blend of
stability versus playfulness.
New constructions and new sizes allow
skiers to dial in their ideal feel.
A crud-cutting chamfered top edge also improves
durability for each model.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 177 × 15 × 15 cm
Ski length



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