Dynastar Legend W75 skis and bindings


Dynastar Legend W75 skis and bindings



Dynastar Legend W75 skis and bindings

Dynastar Legend W75 snow skis with Look XPRESS 10 W B83 bindings fitted.

Possibly the best value for money ladies ski on the market, exceptional performance at a good price.

The 2019 Dynastar Legend W75 women’s skis with bindings are an amazing choice for beginner and intermediate ladies who love to cruise on groomers.

Thanks to the shape, profile, and construction of these skis, you’ll be able to advance and learn the art of the perfect carve in no time flat.

Dynastar has used an interesting shape for its skis over the past few years involving a five-point sidecut.

This brings the widest parts of the ski closer to the midpoint, creating a shorter turn radius even with a longer length ski.

The end result is increased control and ease of turning.

The skis engage into the turn smoothly and quickly, and the release point of the turn happens naturally.

This results in a smooth and precise turning ability that a lot of skiers really like.

For beginners learning to carve, this comes in handy especially in steeper terrain or in spots where you would like a little more control.

With a tip and tail rocker profile, the skis start the turn effortlessly and release quickly and smoothly.

When you encounter rough or chopped up snow, the rocker allows the ski to float up and over any imperfections in the snow that you are forced to deal with.

Dynastar has been making some amazing skis for decades, and that experience really shows even at a beginner and intermediate level.

The wood core is light and easy to turn, and the cap construction makes the ski quick and snappy.

The 2019 Dynastar Legend W75 women’s skis with XPress 10 bindings are the perfect choice for ladies who are learning to carve and advance.


  • Sidecut: 119/75/100 mm at 164 cm length
  • Turn Radius: 13 meters at 164 cm length
  • Cap Construction
  • Active Wood Core
  • Tip and Tail Rocker
  • Five-Point Sidecut
  • Ability Level: Beginner and Intermediate Skiers




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