Konig T2 magic snow chains for cars and 4WD’s


Konig T2 magic snow chains



Konig T2 magic snow chains

Konig T2 magic snow chains for cars and larger 4WD, prices increase as the size gets bigger.

Size chart:


König T2 magic chains

The easy-to-fit internal flexible cable snow chain.                                                   

  • Internal flexible cable for quick, one-stop fitting
  • Chain made in K-Premium Steel, guaranteeing optimal performance and durability.
  • Hardened, galvanized steel with D-shaped cross-sections of 5,70 mm and 6,40 mm, and D-plus cross-section of 7,75 mm.
  • The high number of diamonds enables continuous grip.
  • Simple link cross chain makes the chain easy to handle.
  • Double locking system for perfect fitting.
    • Side external chain painted and equipped with steel spring to keep the chain tight close to the tyre
    • Tightening chain with elastic end for good tensioning
    • Homologations/Certifications/Conformity: Ö-Norm 5119 e TÜV.
    • Packaging: nylon bag with handles


Konig T2 magic snow chains

Konig’s T2 Magic are a 15mm clearance chain suitable for cars, SUVs and 4WDs.


  • Diamond pattern chain with cross chains.
  • Internal flexible cable.
  • Patented self centering and self tensioning system with micro regulation solution.
  • Colour-coded parts for easy mounting.
  • Premium quality construction with 15mm hardened Manganese Nickel Steel Alloy (MnNi) for greater reliability.
  • Exclusive, stylish, hard-sided packaging, complete with gloves, kneeling mat, mounting instructions and spare parts.
  • Both sides of chain can be used for longer life.


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 11 cm
Snow chain size

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