Konig CL10 snow chains for cars and smaller 4WD’s


Konig CL10 snow chains for cars and smaller 4WD’s


Konig CL10 snow chains for cars and smaller 4WD’s

Konig CL10 snow chains for cars and smaller 4WD’s are a better choice when the clearance around the tyre is limited.

Prices increase as the size gets bigger.

Some important information when considering buying snow chains for your vehicle:

Check the vehicles owner’s manual to make sure your vehicle is suitable for the fitment of snow chains, many vehicles tyre/wheel combination makes the fitment of snow chains not suitable.

For expert advice, contact us with your vehicle make/model/tyre size, we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the correct options to ensure a safe journey.

Where possible, we recommend snow chains are test fitted by us to ensure the recommendations are correct and most importantly this helps your understanding of the correct installation of snow chains before you actually need them.

Alternatively if  you choose to buy online check the chains for proper fit when they arrive and if in doubt please call us for advice, if necessary we can exchange them over if you are prepared to pay the freight, an in store test fit by us is the best option to ensure suitability.

Complies with O-Norm 5117 standard which will be compulsory for Chains in Victorian resorts from winter 2020.

Size chart:  The chart is a guide only, it is not a guarantee of fit or suitability for your car.


Konig CL10 snow chains for cars and smaller 4WD’s

Technical specifications

Internal clearance 10 mm
External fitting
Self-tensioning (1 stop for fitting)
Manual tensioning (2 stops for fitting)
Quick external release
Rigid arch fitting system
Internal flexible cable
Alloy rim protection
Icebreaker reinforcements
ABS/ESP compatible
Warranty 5 years


Konig’s CL10 are a 10mm clearance chain suitable for cars, SUVs and smaller 4WD’s.


  • Diamond pattern chain with cross chains.
  • Internal flexible cable.
  • Patented self centering and self tensioning system with micro regulation solution.
  • Colour-coded parts for easy mounting.
  • Premium quality construction with 10mm hardened Manganese Nickel Steel Alloy (MnNi) for greater reliability.
  • Exclusive, stylish, hard-sided packaging, complete with gloves, kneeling mat, mounting instructions and spare parts.
  • Both sides of chain can be used for longer life.


Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 40 × 38 × 11 cm
Snow chain size

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