Heated boot bag element and cords


Heated boot bag element by Hotgear

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Heated boot bag element

Heated boot bag element 230 volt and 12 volt heated boot bag element from the company HotGear, convert your existing boot bag into a heated boot bag, or just replace one that has died.

Fits the standard Hot Gear heated boot bag.

Comes with the 230 volt lead and plug, also has the 12 volt lead.

This element can heat and dry up to two sets of smaller ski boots, of around 25.5  or one larger set of 26.5 and above.

Normally a bag with this element in it would cost you around $300+

The recommended use is to plug the boot bag into the 230 volt outlet overnight to warm the bag up, then transfer it while still warm to your car and plug in the 12 volt plug to keep them warm while driving up the hill.

You can also buy a 110 volt converter to use this overseas https://www.paulski.com.au/shop/ski-snowboard-and-boot-bags/120-volt-to-12-volt-power-adaptor-for-heated-boot-bags/

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Dimensions 25 × 35 × 7 cm


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