Therm-ic Heat Kit 1300B


Therm-ic Heat Kit 1300B

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Therm-ic Heat Kit 1300B

Therm-ic Heat Kit 1300B is the best value for money heated insole system, add these to your custom fitted footbeds, or to a set of Sidas 3 Feet of the shelf insole.

With the C-Pack 1300 Bluetooth battery, you can control the strength of your heat remotely using your smartphone.


  • 1 Set of Therm-ic Heating Elements with Cables
  • 1 Set of Self-Adhesive Insole Covers
  • 1 Set of C-Pack 1300 SmartPack Remote Control Batteries
  • USB Charging Cables

The SmartPack C-Pack Battery Pack is capable of delivering 13 hours of comfort meaning you can ski all day in without needing to recharge.

When you do need to recharge, the process is extremely short and the package comes with USB.

The Ultralight lithium-ion batteries are super light and unnoticeable when attached to your boots.

This Therm-ic foot warming system gives you control over how warm your feet are!

Turn them on to take the edge off.

The package contains what you need to convert your existing insoles or footbeds to ensure warmth feet on the coldest of days.

These are fairly tricky to fit, but if you are handy it can be done by a non boot fitter, I am here to help if required, or just get me to fit them.


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