Salomon Smax 100 ski boots


Salomon Smax 100 ski boots


Salomon Smax 100 ski boots

Salomon Smax 100 ski boots are a new boot for 2019, based on the previous model X max boots, great for narrower feet.

No custom fitting at this price, I will do a heat mold on the liner and shell though, this normally is all that is required anyway.

Performance race boot combining Twinframe transmission with Custom Shell foot wrapping

The Salomon S-Max 100 is an excellent option for the strong intermediate to expert skier who has a narrow to medium forefoot and narrow shaft of the leg.

Salomon’s 24mm Oversized Pivot adds a tough connection between the upper cuff and lower shell that drives energy right towards your skis for added responsiveness.

The new CoreFrame Technology has a thinner wall that is reinforced with fiberglass that give you better feedback on the terrain you are skiing and more power transferred to your skis.

The new Custom Shell HD has a new mixture of heat moldable plastic for faster molding than ever before.

as an Authorized Salomon Dealer we have a special oven to heat the shell and customize it to your foot in less than a half hour.

The Seamless Liner can also be heated for an accurate, comfortable and performance oriented fit.

  • Best Fits a Narrow to Medium Width Forefoot After the Molding Process and a Narrow Shaft of the Leg
  • CoreFrame
  • Custom Shell HD
  • Seamless Perf Liner
  • 24mm Oversized Pivot
  • 4mm Oversized Pivot
  • 35mm Power Strap


Salomon Smax 100


Inspired by the racing, custom shell is about performance.

Racers today needs to drive precisely their 2 skis, they need to feel the terrain to be precise on the ski.

Precision is as important than power, if the shell is too wide you have lost precision, if the shell is too narrow, it is painful so you can’t feel the terrain.

You need to have the shell at your exact foot shape : you need to have the boot molded to your foot shape.

This is exactly what our race technicians do for our racers ; this is exactly what Custom Shell will do to your boot.

We develop a specific plastic material Kaprolene that allow us to mold the boot around the foot.

This is patented by Salomon.

For the Consumer this means he can now have the top performance boot without foot pain : we’re adding comfort to performance.

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