Dalbello CX 1 ski boots


Dalbello CX 1 ski boots


Dalbello CX 1 ski boots

Dalbello CX 1 ski boots

These boots help young beginners learn the basics of the correct skiing techniques. The soft and light shell made of lightweight polyurethane facilitates skiing, so children do not get tired so quickly. The inner shoe and cuff are shaped according to the anatomical structure of children’s foot.

The Dalbello CX 1 children’s shoes help beginner skiers with their first rides by ensuring they will not be bothered by bruised toes or wet feet.

The interior of the shoe is made of durable and very comfortable material, so the legs of smaller skiers will remain in great comfort and warmth at all times. The shoes are really light and fit perfectly.

The three-part Cabrio construction with the Easy Entry system makes the boots fairly easy to put on / take off and 1 polycarbonate buckle guarantees the fixation and stability of the foot.

-Easy entry three-piece cabrio design

-Flex indexed for lightweight skiers


-GTX polycarbonate buckles

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm
Boot size



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