Boot horn for ski and snowboard boots.


Boot horn for ski and snowboard boots.

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Boot horn for ski and snowboard boots.
Makes putting your foot into ski & snowboard boots quick & easy. Protects your hands while quickly and easily inserting your liner after removing for drying overnight, washing or custom boot fittings.
Liners last longer and boots fit better.
Our customers discovered The Boot Horn also works great for putting on cowboy boots, hiking boots, mountaineering boots, fishing waders, water ski boots, running shoes, golf shoes, roller blades, ice skates, hockey skates, motorcycle boots, military boots and more.
For boots use the whole boot horn.
For shoes use one of the 2 feet at the bottom of the boot horn.
If needed, you can customize and cut the boot horn down to desired size.
Made in USA with Moldable DuraSlip technology.

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