Jobe Abyss Kneeboard

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Jobe Abyss Kneeboard

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Jobe Abyss Kneeboard

Jobe Abyss Kneeboard often imitated but never duplicated, the Jobe Abyss is for all riders chasing a lightweight board that jumps wakes higher and further than the competition.

With its 2-stage rocker providing ultimate snap off the top of the wake the Abyss features the widest profile of all the Jobe kneeboards, giving a stable ride with softer landings.

Fiberglass kneeboards can often be a slippery and hard to edge on but only the Jobe Abyss comes with molded-in fins and base channels that lock in when on edge shooting up a wall of water when riding doubles and send you hurtling up the wakes making it easier to nail that first rotation.

Jobe developed a new upgraded ergonomic pad with moulded zones for tibia/fibula and a raised zone at the rear to give support under the legs and take pressure off the ankles.

Completing the award winning design, is a floating soft touch neoprene lined strap that allows riders of all sizes to centre the padding for ultimate comfort.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 140 × 50 × 12 cm


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