Smith Vice Goggles Black with ChromaPop™ Photochromic Rose lens


Smith Vice Goggles (Black frame) with ChromaPop™ Photochromic Rose lens

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Smith Vice Goggles Black

Vice Black Photochromic

Smith Vice Goggles Black, the Vice has been a popular model in the smith lineup for a number of years, but for 2018 it reaches a whole new level thanks to the new ChromaPop™  lens technology. This particular model comes fitted with a Photochromic (light sensitive) inner lens combined with a ChromaPop™  Rose outer, for maximum visibility and clarity in a much broader range of light conditions than an ordinary lens.


  • Fit: Medium
  • Spherical Carbonix-X lens
    • ChromaPop Photo Rose: S1 Lowlight
  • Fog-X anti fog inner lens
  • Tapered Lens Technology
  • Patented porex filter to prevent distortion at high altitudes
  • QuickFit strap adjustment with clip  buckle
  • Helmet compatible
  • Ultra wide silicone backed strap
  • Rotating outrigger positioning system


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