Smith I/O Goggles (Klein Blue Split) with TWO ChromaPop™ lenses


Smith I/O Goggles Klein Blue Split with TWO ChromaPop™ lenses

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The original model from Smith’s Interchangeable Series, the I/O has been one of the top end goggles in the lineup for a number of years now . Improved in 2016 with the Responsive Fit™ frame design and again in 2017 with the new ChromaPop™ lens technology, the I/O offers uncompromising performance in all conditions.


  • Fit: Medium
  • Two spherical ChromaPop™ lenses
    • ChromaPop™ Sun Green Mirror: S3 Sunlight 9% VLT
    • ChromaPop™ Storm Rose Flash: S1 lowlight 50% VLT
  • QuickRelease lens interchange technology
  • Triple layer DriWix facefoam
  • Tapered Lens Technology for enhanced clarity
  • Spherical Carbonic-X lens
    • Individually molded outer lens to enhance scratch and impact resistance, improve visual acuity and contrast sensitivity, made to Class 1 optical standards
  • Patented Porex filter allowing internal pressure to equalise with ambient atmospheric pressure, preventing distortion at high altitudes
  • Dual-axis outrigger positioning system for seamless helmet integration
  • Ultra-wide silicone backed strap
  • Microfibre bag with replacement lens sleeve


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