Giro Ringo goggles White core frame vivid pink lens


Giro Ringo goggles White core frame vivid pink lens

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Giro Ringo goggles White core frame vivid pink lens

Giro Ringo goggles White core frame vivid pink lens

Wide field of view, Vivid Lens by Zeiss and great style in an excellent goggle from Giro
Size:M – Medium – Will Fit Most Faces
Colour: White
Brand Colour:White Core Light
Lens:Vivid Pink
Product ID: 254241   GIWGRIN8P 768686228599

The Ringo from Giro is a great addition to their snowboard/ski goggles lineup offering a sleek design with high end optics and tech for on the go riding.

The Ringo goggles includes premium Zeiss Optics, the Toric VIVID lens.

Developed by Giro in partnership with Zeiss Optics to vastly improve the visual experience on snow by enhancing overall contrast and definition for unprecedented clarity.

Conventional google lenses will try to eliminate blue light as was believed to be bad light when riding.

However Snow isn’t white and is infact blue from sky reflection, Giro researchers have proven that blue light is fundamental in processing the terrain of the snow.

VIVID Lens tech manipulates blue light by enhancing the contrast of the blue light while blocking harmful UV light, essentially filtering out the haze for a crisper vision so you can focus and spot your lines on the slopes.

This will help to reduce eye strain known on conventional googles so you can ride much longer without fatiguing your eyes!

The frame of the goggle features a triple layer face foam with max fleece lining. This is gives the goggle a plush comfortable feeling against your face.


Features Include
  • EXV Semi-Frameless Design – Expansion View Technology gives increased peripheral vision and overall expanded view
  • Slash Seal – Quick and easy lens interchange system
  • Triple Layer Face Foam – 3 layers of face foam of varying densities provide a seal between the goggles and your face, this foam is backed by micro-fleece and it seals out the elements whilst wicking away sweat
  • Anti-Fog Coating – The lenses are coated to resist fog
  • Toric VIVID Zeiss Lenses – Engineered specifically to optimize light conditions experienced on-snow, Blue light is imperative to allowing the human eye to read the contrast of snow conditions and variables in terrain on snow. Therefore enhancing contrast and definition, reducing eye strain, improving reaction time and boosting confidence
  • OTG – Over the glasses friendly, so you can wear your prescription glasses comfortably as you ride
The Lowdown
  • Lens Type spherical
  • Lens Tint: Vivid Pink
  • Lens Finish: Mirror
  • UV Protection: 100% UVA/B/C protection
  • Strap: Wide adjustable Adapt Strap
  • Case: Ergonomic protective goggle case, and spare lens sleeve
  • Helmet Compatibility: Compatible with most helmet brands, worn over or under the helmet
  • Extra Lens Included: No

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