Giro Axis goggle Mono frame Vivid Onyx lens


Giro Axis goggle Mono frame vivid Onyx lens

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Giro Axis goggle Mono frame Vivid Onyx lens

Giro Axis goggle Mono frame Vivid Onyx lens plus a vivid infrared lens for low light conditions.

This frameless design features an elegant new quick-change lens system and clean, bold style.

Four self-locating magnets assist in lightning-fast lens replacement and four snap pins keep the lens securely locked in place.
The medium fit accommodates a wide range of face shapes while boasting an impressively wide field of view.

The Axis includes two of the best lenses in the business with premium VIVID lenses with Optics by ZEISS (one all-conditions lens and one storm/low-light lens).

EVAK Vent Technology and anti-fog coating keep moisture in check.

The Axis is ready for all aspects, conditions and every element.

VIVID Lenses – Enhance contrast and boost confidence. The new VIVID lens technology manipulates blue light to enhance contrast and definition. VIVID reduces eyestrain, improves reaction time, boosts confidence and delivers precise vision without over saturation.

Stormy / Low Light Conditions:

  • Vivid Infrared – This lens is unbeatable in the most challenging conditions – when sky and snow become one and visibility is minimal. The spectral curve is tuned to allow a high portion of long wavelength red light while reducing infrared rays. 58% VLT

Mixed Sun and Cloud Conditions:

  • Vivid Onyx – This lens allows an equal distribution of coloured light, creating true colour perception while improving contrast, definition and reduced eye fatigue.



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