Salomon Trigger snowboard bindings Khaki

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Salomon Trigger snowboard bindings Khaki

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Salomon Trigger snowboard bindings Khaki

Designed for Chris Grenier, shredding the minipipe to the strats, the Trigger binding featuring Blaster Tech—an intuitive Freestyle Jib Joint, designed to work like a dynamic suspension system, absorbing chop and smoothing out your ride with more lateral freedom.

This binding comes with all the necessities; Blaster Baseplate, 3D Prime Straps, Lock-In Deluxe Toe Straps, and a minimalistic highback anatomically designed.

Blaster Baseplate  feature a responsive joint between the heel cup and baseplate that acts as a suspension system to smooth your ride and enhance control.


  • Composite 30% – More responsive than lower end plastic, more durable than aluminum.
  • Canted Footbed – Instantly add pop, power and extra edge control to your riding with 2.5° canted footbeds. Easy on the knees and no loss of board-feel.
  • Integrated Mounting System – Salomon’s patented trick for keeping your disc screws in place while adjusting your bindings or swapping out boards.
  • Adjustable Toe Ramp – Super easy adjustability for the best possible transmission on toe edge.
  • Trigger Highback – A simple and modern design with no forward lean.
  • SCS and Full EVA padding – provide the highest level of shock absorption and precise energy transmission.
  • 3D Prime Ankle Strap  Revamped construction that matches the tongues in Salmon boots for even, seamless contact no matter how tight you strap in.
  • Micro Max Strap Adjustments – Easily adjust the strap length to optimized strap position over the boot for maximum comfort and support.
  • Deluxe Lock-In Toe Strap – All the security of the Lock-In strap with greater comfort.
  • Viper Aluminium Buckle – Increased ratchet throw gets you a deeper grip with less effort, so your straps go on lightening fast. Quick and easy to release, nothing but smooth sailing strap adjustment with the Viper’s new three point hinge mechanism and easy grip shape.
  • Universal Disc – Ultimate compatibility with all existing mounting systems on the market.
  • Medium Flex – A medium flex is adapted to riders that need a binding that can adapt to all terrain types and riding styles.
  • UK Sizes: S fits 3-7, M fits 6.5-9, L fits 9.5-13.5


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